Agency Manager MetLife

How much would the bullfighter earn,
if the bull had no horns?

Programming - Action

Work for yourself but never by yourself!

The support and training of insurance agents in our family, is our greatest priority. A series of educational programs prepare them to acquire the necessary skills so that they may reach even the highest ranks and income. And as they continue to demonstrate their efforts, MetLife rewards and supports them.

The educational program of MetLife has been organized in order to ensure the most modern and essential education of its insurance agents. Furthermore, MetLife supports their efforts by providing them with a steady monthly compensation for the first 3 years, in order for them to focus on their work, undisrupted by financial worries or hardships.

The insurance agents of the MetLife family are never alone while working for their financial welfare and progress. A whole staff, including their supervisors as well as the managing directors, constantly collaborates with them and supports their work.

The work and actions of agents employed by MetLife are continuously supported and backed. The only thing we require from you is a desire for action.

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