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When you see the bandwagon,
it's too late to get on it!

The Means

Select the area that will provide you with more opportunities

The insurance sector is the only area that guarantees its associates high and steady* incomes which are limited only by their abilities, unlimited opportunities in a very broad business base, the freedom to organize and program their time schedules and plan their strategies, advancement based on their performance, rewards for their efforts, support and education, and most importantly, the ability to accomplish their goals based on their own potential and unhindered by the potential incompetence of others, something common in most business enterprises.

The insurance sector’s associates aren’t evaluated based on their education, gender or age. The associates’ success lies in their hands and their desire for action. Armed with a wide range of insurance products, their salaries are limited only by the extent of their efforts.

*more than half of the insurance products provide steady incomes.

Choose the company that can support you.

Choose the company that can offer you stable, effective support with modern educational programs, constant guidance and assistance with the development of your skills. Choose the company that provides the necessary foundations and conditions so that you may build your financial future. Choose the most dependable company in the sector.

MetLife Hellas is the Number 1 International Life Insurance Company in Greece. Throughout the years, MetLife has been regarded as the top-ranking company in the insurance sector, underlining its unrivalled financial position, as well as the quality of its insurance services to its customers:

  • Leading Benefits for its customers,
  • Leading Reliability,
  • Leading Efficiency,

Experience, know-how, professionalism and financial depth, along with an unparalleled array of services, render MetLife Hellas a “standard” in the insurance sector.

Choose the team that encourages you.

In the MetLife family, the Number 1 International Life Insurance Company in Greece, choose the team that will lead you to success. Choose the team that supports, mobilizes and encourages all of its associates with the same degree of concern and care, and is run by one of the most accomplished insurance managers in Greece.

Alexandros Mordo’s team is one of the top-ranking Sales Offices of MetLife internationally, including in its staff insurance counselors with the highest salaries in the sector.

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