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If you wish to discover new oceans,
you have to lose sight of the shore.

Can you remember your dreams?

Most people “choose” to sacrifice their dreams!

Most people have “decided” to bury their dreams and desires. The possible safety and stability that a choice can provide them with, is the most important factor when they decide to follow it. Some people sacrifice their dreams for this safety. Others see their lives turn upside-down, experience their insecurities in their “safe” choices and discover a different reality from the one they believed in: The only security is the one that you build yourself. The greatest security comes from being able to support yourself!

A small percentage manages to keep their dreams alive but doesn’t know how to realize them!

An even smaller percentage manages to keep their dreams and desires alive but doesn’t know how to realize them! Whether they don’t make the effort, or they do it the wrong way, they end up giving up and the result is always the same: A life full of lost dreams.

Only a few people claim their dreams and make them come true!

Only a small percentage of people challenge life, keep their dreams alive and find ways to realize them. They are the true winners, not because they are better than others, but simply because they chose not to give up. They believed, insisted and finally managed to fulfill their desires and dreams.

In a world full of choices
…choose to live your dreams!

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