Agency Manager MetLife

Career Milestones

  • 1/10/1982: Becomes part of the MetLife family as an insurance agent
  • 1/1/1986: Becomes Unit Manager
  • 1/3/1988: Becomes Agency Manager
  • 1/6/2006: Enters the Gallery of Stars (one of the highest distinctions of MetLife) and his portrait is placed in the company’s main offices as a recognition of his professionalism.

Alexandros Mordo’s Curriculum Vitae

Excerpt from an interview in "Asfalistiki Agora" magazine:

For… those who know the business, Mr. Mordo is well known and sets an example for all. As a field magazine, we posed a number of questions in order to accentuate a few insurance qualities to the young generation as well to remind the more experienced professionals. We hope to achieve that.

Mr. Mordo, please describe your career in life insurance generally and with MetLife more specifically.

A.M. : After completing my studies in the U.S.A. and serving in the army, I was hired by a large American corporation as a sales person, a position which I soon realized could not offer me what I needed in my career. And so I quit in 3 months! I then moved to West Africa with an initial salary 4 times greater than what I was being paid earlier. I worked in the financial department of a Greek Construction Company. In the summer of 1982, I decided that although Africa was a beautiful place and I was earning a lot of money there, Greece was the country I wanted to build my career in.

I quickly decided that the Services sector was where I had to focus in and through the method of deduction and multiple try-outs, I joined the MetLife family, and specifically, my friend and insurance advisor since 1975, Mr. Athanasios Skoutelis’ branch office.

I quickly understood that I had finally discovered the right environment for me. The whole company was structured in a way to help me succeed, with continuous education, the right guidance as well as a freedom for liberal action in the field. It was perfect for my temperament. In 1984, I was ranked top agent in Europe and in 1985 second in the health and personal accident sales. From there on, things became easier for me. Challenges, goals, an inspiring work environment built to assist promotion (both financial and social), continuous improvement of skills, competition, rewards, merit, good relations with your Mentor. What else does an ambitious individual need to succeed?

It’s common knowledge that for a number of years your branch office has shown leading persistency percentages in Greece, as well as on a global scale. This shows, of course, that you stress certain factors that give these kinds of remarkable results. Would you like to tell us about them?

A.M. : In March of 1988 I became Branch Office Manager. Having a strong and healthy background and closely exercising MetLife’s philosophy, which completely matched mine, our Branch Office reached high persistency numbers which gave off world-firsts in our sector. Being rewarded is never an end in itself. I believe that it’s the result of the right decisions and actions. Infusing professionalism into our associates in combination with focusing on selling products that our customers actually need as well as close support from management, are the decisive factors of our success.

How important has organization been in your career?

A.M. : You’re asking me about the importance of organization in my career. To be honest, I have to admit that we need to improve in this area. Besides, organization is one of the 4 skills that every agent must possess (as well as every professional), in order to perform well. Saving time and energy as well their simultaneous utilization in combination with the right programming can yield better results and increased productivity. Moreover, long-term programming is very important. Through practice and experience, the scientific term “programming” becomes and “art”. I believe that learning this art has played a crucial role in my career and will continue to do so. The “dream” can become a reality only with the right programming.

What is the philosophy of your Branch Office and what motivates your associates more than anything else?

A.M. : Our Branch Office’s philosophy lies in the continuous improvement of our associates as professionals as well as human beings. Based on this belief, we try to improve our reliability in the market on a daily basis, so that we may create our own standards and set ourselves apart from the others. At the moment, having realized that the market is ruthless and upholding our belief in the institution (we love our job, we wouldn’t change it with anything else), we are setting off an educational program similar to the education in martial arts (like karate, etc.). This education consists of three stages: First we learn about ourselves. A deep understanding of our strong, as well as our weak points. In the second stage we learn to perceive others in order to have an understanding of what can potentially make them our strongest allies or worst enemies. Finally, the combination of knowing ourselves and our ability to quickly understand our customers’ needs, leads us to a correct estimation, approach and reaction, preparing us properly for our next move. Consequently, this continuous improvement creates an enthusiasm in our associates, as they realize that they become more effective and, therefore, happier as individuals. Success breeds success and this success has no limit. Subsequently, we look towards the future with optimism and an anxiety as we believe that we can improve even more.

The financial crisis is a fact. How has it affected your Branch Office and in what ways do you think that you can overcome its negative consequences?

A.M. : Financial crisis? What’s that? The financial crisis doesn’t exist for our Branch Office in the negative way that your question implies. These hard times are exactly what keeps on the edge and inspires us to become even more effective. There is a decline in certain sectors. We, however, look for the sectors that don’t exhibit it. We are constantly monitoring the situation and we are up-to-date with possible alternative solutions for our customers so that we may guide them appropriately in order to cover their needs. Besides, this “decline” didn’t happen overnight. We weren’t unprepared. We knew it was coming and unfortunately it looks like it’s staying for many more years. Therefore, we armed our associates with contemplation, imagination and a scientific approach in their work while creating a professional environment in our Office, resulting in a 50% increase in first-year insurance sales from last year.

What would you advise someone who wanted to work (and succeed) in the insurance industry?

A.M. : There is no magical formula or a secret that I know and I’m hiding from others. I believe that anyone can become successful in the insurance sector. I honestly believe that. As they really want to. The saying “if you believe it, you can do it” is a wonderful way for someone to start their career in our sector. Of course, you can’t have magical results without hard work, a vision, persistence and patience. Those are the keys to success. Let’s start by learning ourselves first. I firmly believe that their whole lives should be an endless effort to improve their mental and physical states, so that they are able to face their worst enemy… their own self! Honestly, I believe that the only road to success is the daily practice of basic sales techniques, a firm belief in the institution, being smart enough to listen to others and the ability to learn and practice what other successful professionals do on a daily basis. Finally, proper business codes of conduct and professionalism.

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