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The visitor / user of this website must carefully read the present before visiting or using the Beneficiary's web pages and services, and must not use them in case of non-agreement. Otherwise, it is presumed that they are accepted and that consent is provided.

1. Alexander Mordo (thereinafter referred to as "The Beneficiary") is a coordinator of insurance consultants, registered in the Professional Chamber of Athens. He is an independent, freelance professional. He does not represent nor act on behalf of any insurance or other company. His activity is governed by L. 1596/1985, PD 190/2006 and the remaining regulations controlling the actions of insurance intermediaries.

2. The content of this website is property of the Beneficiary and the information contained within has been entered by the Beneficiary's responsibility and does not bind, nor may create any responsibility to any company mentioned in this website.

3. The information and material contained in the pages of this website may be freely used by the visitor / user; however copying, reproducing and / or republication of this information for any reason is not permitted unless upon written consent by the Beneficiary.

4. The Beneficiary is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the communication of any information and / or orders by the visitor / user, interferences, criminal impersonations, erroneous insertion of data or operating failure of the system due to Force Majeure, or any other reason, not caused by intention or gross negligence on the part of the Beneficiary.

5. The Beneficiary has taken all possible measures to ensure the greatest level of security and trust for visitors / users of his website. However, he bears no responsibility for any damages caused to the visitor / user as a consequence of the visit / use of the pages of this website, unless this is caused by intention or gross negligence on the part of the Beneficiary.

6. The administration and protection of any personal visitor / user data communicated to the Beneficiary are governed by the terms of the present, L. 2472/1997 and the decisions by the Personal Data Protection Authority.

7. The visitor / user's personal data are not promulgated to third parties without their consent (with the exception of the cases provided for by the Law and the competent Authorities).

8. Visitors / users provide the Beneficiary with their consent to maintain the personal data promulgated to him and use them for commercial - professional reasons.

9. In all cases, the visitor / user has the right to access and object the maintained personal data concerning his/her person which are under processing. Any request the visitor may have to this end, must be sent in writing to Alexander Mordo, 130 Vouliagmenis Ave., 16674 Glyfada.

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